100+ Top Telegram Channels List To Join In 2020

Looking to Join Telegram Channels List? If Yes, then this Article is for you. Today I’m going to Share 100+ Different Category Telegram Channels Group To Join In 2020.

Telegram Channels List

Telegram is one of the most popular Messaging App and much faster than any other Messenger. It is available for many Platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows Phone.

There are many WhatsApp Groups and WhatsApp Group Invite Link using which you can join any WhatsApp Group easily. Similarly, there are Telegram Channels Link and Telegram Groups Link but today I’m going to share about Top Channels On Telegram to Join.

Telegram is used by many peoples due to its popularity and functionality. Also, there are many popular channels on Telegram which you can join.

The Best part about Telegram is, there is no limitation of subscribers. Moreover, it has tons of features including Stickers, Bots, Channels, Secret Chats, Cloud-Based Messages, Voice Calls, etc.

Telegram Channel Search can also help you in searching the Best Telegram Channels List. But before we begin to check List of Telegram Channels, let’s have some look about What is Telegram Channels?

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What Is A Telegram Channel?

Telegram is an Instant Messaging App where you will get tons of features including Messenger, Secret Chats, Bots, Voice Calls, Cloud-Based Messages, Create Channels and much more.

Basically, Telegram Channels are a Broadcast List where Admins of the Channel can Manage and Update the Channel with useful Content. Once you join the Channel, you’ll get access to that content and all the content will directly come into your inbox.

How to Join Telegram Channels?

If you are looking for some useful information on a particular category, you can head over to the post and get the Telegram Channel Link and Join it. Here, is Step by Step Guide on How you can Join Telegram Channel.

  1. Firstly, Download & Install Telegram App From Here: Download
  2. Login or Create a New Telegram Account.
  3. Navigate to the Below Channels List.
  4. Select the one you want to Join.
  5. Click on View Channel.
    Trick Xpert Telegram
  6. Finally, Click on Join Button in the Footer to Join the Telegram Channel.

Done! You have successfully joined the Telegram Channel and now you can access all the stuff in that Channel.

How to Create Telegram Channel?

If you want to Create your Own Telegram Channel, then with this simple steps you can create it easily. So, here is the step by step guide on Creating Channel On Telegram.

  1. Open the Telegram App.
  2. Swipe from Left or Click on the Three Dots from the top left corner.
  3. Simply, Click On New Channel.
  4. Enter the Channel Details like Channel Name, Description, etc.
  5. Select between Public Channel (Anyone Can Join by Searching) & Private Channel (Entry Only via Invite Link) and then select your Username/Link.
  6. Finally, Choose your Profile Picture and your New Telegram Channel is Created.

Done! With this Simple Steps, you can easily Create New Channel On Telegram. After Creating Telegram Channel, Share your Channel Link with others to let them join your Telegram Channel.

So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out 100+ Top Telegram Channels List To Join In 2020.

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100+ Top Telegram Channels List To Join In 2020

No.Channel NameCategory
1Technology Telegram ChannelsTechnology
2Telegram News ChannelsNews
3Telegram Entertainment ChannelsEntertainment
4Telegram Ebook ChannelsEbook
5Telegram Wallpaper ChannelsWallpaper
6Telegram Fitness ChannelsFitness
7Telegram Movie ChannelsMovie
8Funny Telegram ChannelsFunny
9English Telegram ChannelsEnglish
10Math Telegram ChannelsMath
11Music Telegram ChannelsMusic
12Quotes Telegram ChannelsQuotes
13Telegram GIF ChannelsGIF
14Best Apps Telegram ChannelsBest Apps
15Channel Telegram IndonesiaIndonesia
16Architecture Telegram ChannelsArchitecture
17Fashion Telegram ChannelsFashion
18Art and Photography Telegram ChannelsArt & Photography
19Adult Telegram Channels (18+)Adult (18+)
20Programmer Telegram ChannelsProgrammer

Telegram Channels List

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#1. Technology Telegram Channels

Technology is the must join category in the list. Due to technology, it has become possible to use our smartphones. Apart from Smartphones, there are many tech-related stuff which you can get in Technology Field.

If you love reading Technical News based on Smartphone, TVs, Headphones and other tech Gadgets, then you must join these channels. In these channels, you’ll get tech-related stuff which will improve your knowledge.

#2. Telegram News Channels

Do you love Reading News Online? If Yes, then News Telegram Channels will help you out with these. Reading the News will keep you updated with the things happening around the world.

Though there are many TV Apps which can show live TV, there are many reasons to read news online like if you have less data or you love reading news instead of watching them.

#3. Telegram Entertainment Channels

Entertainment Telegram Channels are the one which can entertain you. There are tons of news which will give you update and mostly, you’ll get the update from Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment.

These Entertainment channels are more likely to grow and are much popular among the people. After a whole day of tiring, you can read this entertainment news at night.

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#4. Telegram Ebook Channels

Time has gone when people used to carry the book with them. Nowadays, most of them are using Ebook where you can read your favorite book online from your Smartphone. You can read any of the Book you like from your Smartphone.

Reading books helps us to improve our reading skills. Also, there are tons of stories available on the Ebook. Ebook Telegram Channels are the one which can help you in this. You can get access to the most of the Ebooks to read it for free.

#5. Telegram Wallpaper Channels

Who doesn’t like to decorate their Smartphone with the Best Wallpaper? There are many different types of Wallpapers including HD Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers, Simple Wallpapers, 3D Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers and many more.

Searching and Downloading Wallpapers from the Internet is much time-consuming. Also, you have to search for the particular wallpaper you like. But, what if you want many different Wallpapers Every day? Though there are Best Wallpapers Apps for that, still you can use these Wallpaper Telegram Channels to get your favorite Wallpaper.

#6. Telegram Fitness Channels

Are you a Bodybuilder? If Yes, then these Fitness Telegram Channels will be the must join Channels for you. Even if you are not a Bodybuilder, don’t worry, still, you can join these Channels as you’ll get many Fitness Related Tips. As you all know, Health is Wealth, so, you cannot compromise with your Fitness.

If you go to Gym, well it’s good, but if you don’t go to Gym, you must maintain your body with the Fitness Tips and Diet Plan. Searching for every Fitness Tips on the Internet is quite boring. So, in that case, you can use these Fitness Channels on Telegram where you’ll be updated with the Fitness Tips.

#7. Telegram Movie Channels

If you love Watching Movies, then this Channel is for you. Movies are one of the Best ways to entertain us and there are many new things to learn from Movies. Whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, it is very interesting to get news and other stuff related to it.

There are many Movie Channels of Telegram but most of them are not active but with these Movie Telegram Channels, you’ll get the update from the latest Bollywood and Hollywood Movies and other news related to Movies.

#8. Funny Telegram Channels

If you are tired of your whole day’s work and want to get relax, Funny Jokes will help you out in this. One should keep reading funny jokes and memes to keep their mind fresh. Though you can get many Facebook Jokes Pages, still you can use Telegram Funny Channels for it as Telegram is much popular nowadays.

Joining these Funny Channels on Telegram will make your mind fresh as you’ll get tons of Jokes Images, Videos, Memes, etc. So, if you love watching funny things, then do check below-mentioned channels.

#9. English Telegram Channels

Nowadays, most of the content on the Internet is in English Languages. But, what if you don’t know English? Well, it’s quite difficult to read and write if you don’t know English. Also, there are many Channels which has English Content in it.

So, if you want to learn English, you can join these Best English Telegram Channels which will help you to improve your English. There are many Telegram English Channels available which you can join to learn and improve your English, below are few of them.

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#10. Math Telegram Channels

After talking about English Channels, let’s have a look at Telegram Math Channels. If you are weak in Maths, then you should definitely check out these Mathematics Telegram Channels.

Here, you’ll find many experts where they share all types of problems and their solutions on regular basis. Also, if you are a student, it will help you understand Maths problem which is difficult for you.

#11. Music Telegram Channels

Are you a Music Lover? If Yes, then you might be interested in joining these Telegram Music Channels. Music is the one which can make us feel better and helps us in reducing stress.

If you love listening to Music, then do check Music Downloading App & Music Player App for listening Music. Here, you can get all the latest Music and news related to Music.

#12. Quotes Telegram Channels

With the Telegram Quotes Channels, you will get Quotes directly on your Smartphone. You will get various Quotes like Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Funny Quotes, Life Inspirational Quotes, etc.

Quotes have many motivational and emotional lines which can affect the person in a positive way. If you are sad or not motivated, these types of Quotes can help you out. Also, you can send these Quotes to your friends and family so that they can be motivated.

#13. Telegram GIF Channels

GIFs are much popular nowadays. Emojis and GIFs are the best way to express your feelings without saying any words. For that, you can also use Best Emojis App For Android to send new Emojis.

GIFs come in many categories like funny, motivational, inspirational, jokes and much more. It is the short clip which you can send to your friends. If you love sharing GIF, you can join GIF Telegram Channel to get tons of different GIFs and you can also Send GIF On WhatsApp.

#14. Best Apps Telegram Channels

Do you love exploring new Apps for your Smartphone? If Yes, then you will love this Telegram Best Apps Channel. Here, you’ll find tons of Free and Paid Apps that can Enhance your Smartphone Experience.

These Telegram Channels will keep you updated with the new and latest Apps available on the Internet. Here, you can find many Apps like Lock Screen Reward App, Free Recharge App, Paypal Cash Earning Apps, Icon Changer App and much more.

#15. Channel Telegram Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the Best Place to Visit. There are many Temple, Park, Lake, Villages where you can visit. If you are planning to Visit Indonesia, you have to take down all the notes and places to visit in Indonesia.

Indonesia Telegram Channel will help you to collect more information about the places to visit in Indonesia. So, if you are planning for an Indonesia Tour, then you must check out these Telegram Indonesia Channels.

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#16. Architecture Telegram Channels

If you are an Architect or Architecture Student, then Telegram Architecture Channel will be best for you. Join this Channels to get more information about Architecture.

There are lots of Architecture Channels on Telegram but most of them are inactive. Here, I’ve shared the active and popular Architecture Telegram Channels you can join.

#17. Fashion Telegram Channels

If you love fashion items, then this Channel is for you. You can find many helpful information related to Fashion and Tips related to Fashion.

Here, you’ll get many latest information on Makeup Ideas, Clothing Wear, Lifestyle, Shoes, Sunglasses, Perfumes, Shoes and many other products. You can join these Telegram Fashion Channels if you love Fashion.

#18. Art and Photography Telegram Channels

Nowadays, everyone loves Photography. Smartphones are becoming more advanced and it’s cameras even more. So, everyone loves Photography. If you too love Photography but don’t have much knowledge about it, then Telegram Art and Photography Channel is for you.

Here, there are many experts to get your problem solved. You will get many Tips and Tricks related to Art & Photography which will improve your Photography Skills.

#19. Programmer Telegram Channels

If you are a Programmer, then there is Telegram Programmer Channel for you where you can learn many Programming and Coding Related things.

Even if you are a beginner in coding, you can become expert by learning here. You can get many Tips and Information related to Programming and you will also get Programming and Computer Jokes in a few Channels.

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Final Words

This was the Article On 100+ Top Telegram Channels List To Join In 2020. Apart from this, there are many other popular telegram channels but here I’ve shared most popular and Best Telegram Channels Link based on different Categories and Genres.

Hope you liked this Article On Telegram Channels List. Do Comment below if you know any other Popular Telegram Channel. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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