11 Best Emoji App For Android Phone 2019

Best Emoji App For Android are the one which can express your emotions without any words. Though Android and many popular Messaging App have inbuilt Emojis, these Emoji Apps can improve your experience. So, here I’m going to Share Top 11 Best Android Emoji App 2019.

Best Emoji App For Android

If you are the one who uses Emoji frequently instead of words, then this Emoji can help you to express your feelings. It becomes much difficult to chat without Emojis.

Nowadays, emojis are everywhere, on the WhatsApp Chat, Messenger Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Status, etc. Also, there are many Selfie Camera Apps which has inbuilt Emoji feature to express your feelings.

A simple message one WhatsApp or Facebook becomes very boring but adding some Emojis to it makes it more energetic and attract more users.

You might know about Animoji feature in iPhone X but unfortunately, not all of us can afford iPhone X. Still, there are many Animoji For Android Apps to Download Animoji for Android.

All of the new generation smartphones comes with inbuilt emojis but they are limited and not much interesting, Thanks to the good emoji app for Android which makes the emojis more interesting.

When it comes to Download Best Emoji Apps For Android, there are tons of them available on the Play Store. So, it becomes quite difficult to select from. Before we start with the Best Emoji List, let’s have a look at why you need to Download Emoji App on your Smartphone?

Why to Download Emoji App On Android?

Smartphones comes with the default Emojis which are not much attractive. As you all know, nowadays social media sites are flooded with tons of Quotes, Thoughts, Selfies, Images, Stories, etc. So, attracting visitors to your content becomes a difficult task. But, once you write the proper title while using proper Emojis, it becomes likely to become viral.

Also, there are many popular messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger where you can find Emojis but they are too old and boring. So, with these Best Free Android Emoji App, you can easily send best and cool emojis of different color and size.

Here I’ve listed the Best Free Emoji App For Android Phone Of 2018 using which you can send Cool Emojis to your friends. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out Top 11 Best Emoji App For Android Phone 2018.

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11 Best Emoji App For Android Phone 2019

No.Emoji App NameDownloadsRatings
1Facemoji Emoji Keyboard10 Million4.7
2Bitmoji100 Million4.6
3Kika Keyboard100 Million4.4
4GO Keyboard100 Million4.5
5Ai.type10 Million4.3
6iKeyboard10 Million4.5
7Textra SMS10 Million4.5
8Elite Emoji1 Million4.7
9Flash Keyboard50 Million4.2
10Emojidom emoticons10 Million4.2
11Keyboard10 Million4.2

#1. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is one of the Best Emoji Keyboard App For Android Smartphones which has millions of download on Google Play Store.

The App gives you access to over 3600+ Emojis. Not only Emojis, but the App also comes with GIFs support where you can Send GIFs on WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger using this Keyboard.

This Best Emoji Keyboard App For Android also supports many different languages and provides thousands of emotions, stickers, GIFs, Themes & Emojis.

Moreover, it has many cool features including AutoCorrect, AutoSuggest GIFs, Custom Keyboard Background, 1500+ Keyboard Themes, Button Tapping Effect and much more.

Key Features:

  • 3600+ Emojis
  • 1500+ Keyboard Themes
  • AutoSuggest GIFs
  • AutoCorrect
  • Custom Background

#2. Bitmoji

Developer: Bitstrips
Price: Free

Do you use Snapchat? If Yes, then you might know about Bitmoji. It is somewhat different and unique from all the Emoji App listed here.

The App allows you to create your own cartoonish avatar and comes with hundreds of stickers with it. Apart from Snapchat, you can also use this emojis anywhere you want.

The App has tons of personalization options where you can dress up your avatar, change hair style, change eyebrows, etc. After completion of your cartoonist avatar, you can share it anywhere you want and also Set it as WhatsApp DP.

Moreover, if you use Bitmoji on Snapchat, you’ll be able to unlock another feature called friendmoji and also known as 2 person bitmojis where you can feature your friend.

Key Features:

  • Create your Own Cartoonish Avatar
  • Hundreds of Customization Options
  • Huge Stickers Library
  • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat
  • Unlock Friendmoji by using Bitmoji in Snapchat

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#3. Kika Keyboard

With Millions of downloads on Play Store and Ratings of 4.4, it has become one of the most popular Emoji Keyboard App.

It is one of the Best Emoticons App and Emojis App using which you can send thousands of free emojis and stickers on any messenger app or anywhere you want.

Counting the numbers, it comes with over 1600+ Emojis & Emoticons, 3000+ Colorful Themes and 150+ Language support to chat with anyone around the world without any hassle.

Additionally, it has many customizable options like one hand mode, split screen, custom keyboard theme, etc. It also has many other layouts including QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY.

Key Features:

  • 1600+ Emojis & Emoticons
  • 3000+ Themes
  • 150+ Language Support
  • Different Layouts Options
  • Cool Fonts & Auto-Correction

#4. GO Keyboard

If you are using any default keyboard, then you can switch to GO Keyboard without any hassle due to its cool feature and popularity.

This is one of the Best Android Emoji Keyboard App which comes with the package of 10000+ Colorful Themes, 1000+ GIFs & Emojis, 60+ Language Support and 100+ awesome fonts.

It is a swipe to type keyboard which comes with awesome animated themes which will enhance your typing experience.

Apart from this, you don’t need to manually search for the Emojis, simply type any word and it will automatically suggest Emojis related to it. Also, it has many different layouts to select from including QWERTZ, AZERTY and QWERTY.

Key Features:

  • 10000+ Colorful Themes
  • 1000+ Emojis & GIFs
  • 100+ Cool Fonts
  • 60+ Supported Language
  • Animated Themes

#5. Ai.type

ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard
ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard
Developer: ai.type
Price: Free+

Another Best and Smart Keyboard For Android in the list is ai.type. It comes with tons of options which can be personalized according to your needs.

It also has Swipe to Write feature where you can type easily by swiping. Also, you can easily personalize your keyboards key, background color, background image, shortcuts, etc.

Apart from this, it has many features including Changing Fonts, Changing Themes, Resize Keyboard, Cursor Tracker, In-Built Calculator and much more.

Additionally, if you are good in designing themes and layouts, you can design them and share it with your friends, family and also upload it to the App. Overall, it’s another Best Emoji Android App in the list.

Key Features:

  • Change Fonts & Themes
  • Resize Keyboard
  • Built-In Calculator
  • Cursor Tracker
  • Customize Keyboard Keys

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#6. iKeyboard

iKeyboard is another most popular and Best Customizable Emoji App For Android which is used by millions of people and highly rated on Play Store.

Counting in numbers, it comes with over 1200+ Emojis, Emoticons and Smileys, 100+ awesome and customizable themes and 60+ languages support.

It supports 60+ languages including English, English (UK), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Greek and more.

Furthermore, the App can be used across many platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Hike, etc. Overall, it’s another Best Smiley Apps For Android.

Key Features:

  • 1200+ Emojis
  • 100+ Customizable Themes
  • 60+ Languages
  • Awesome Fonts & Sounds
  • Swipe to Type

#7. Textra SMS

Textra SMS
Textra SMS
Developer: Delicious
Price: Free+

If you are looking for an App which offers more than Emoji, then Textra SMS App is for you. It not only offers Emojis but it also offers SMS.

Basically, it is a Messaging App which can also be replaced by your default messaging App. You can replace your default messaging App with this App as it has tons of inbuilt features in it.

The App comes with 180+ Designed Themes and 21 Text Sizes. Select from tons of Theme Colors, Bubble Colors, Bubble Style, Emoji Style including Android, Emoji One, Twitter and iOS.

Moreover, the App is compatible with Android Wear, Android Auto, Pushbullet and MightyText for the fast reply and enhanced notifications.

Key Features:

  • 180+ Designed Themes
  • 21 Text Sizes
  • Customizable Theme & Bubble Color
  • Different Emoji Styles
  • Different Bubble Styles

#8. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji
Elite Emoji
Developer: Emoji Guide
Price: Free+

Elite Emoji is another Best Emoji App For Android Texting and Messaging. Though the App is not much popular like other Emoji App, still it has many features and cool emojis in it.

The App comes with exclusive 1000 HD Emojis, Emoticons and Stickers. You’ll get HD and Clear Emojis to send on WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

Once you open the App, you’ll find tons of Emojis on the Main Page. You can send those Emojis by clicking on it and then by clicking on the Send Button to share it on any social network.

Apart from this, you will get access to the huge collection of GIFs and you can even create your own GIFs. Overall, it’s another Best Emoji App For WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger which has High-Quality Emojis.

Key Features:

  • 3000+ HD Emojis
  • Share on any Social Network
  • Single Touch Send Feature
  • Tons of GIFs to Select
  • Clear & HD Emojis

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#9. Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard is another Best and Cute Emoji Keyboard App For Android. The App is used by millions of people and is highly rated on Play Store.

This Keyboard App includes 3000+ Emoticons & Emojis, 1000+ Awesome Themes and 50+ Language Support to chat with anyone worldwide.

The App also has tons of hilarious emojis and stickers, thousands of GIFs to send and many other Emojis, Smileys and Emoticons.

Moreover, it has many features including AutoCorrect, Word Prediction, Emoji Prediction, Personalized Themes and you can also set your own picture as Keyboard Sticker.

Key Features:

  • 3000+ Emoticons & Emojis
  • 1000+ Cool Themes
  • 50+ Language Support
  • Word & Emoji Prediction
  • AutoCorrect

#10. Emojidom emoticons

Emojidom emoticons is another Best Emoji App For Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Hike to send wonderful emojis and emoticons.

The App is highly rated on Google Play Store and comes with over 4000+ unique emojis and 130+ popular themes to select from.

This Emoji App will enhance your chatting experience and make it funnier. You can easily share Emojis via any App or you can also insert emojis in chat via an icon on top.

Additionally, you can download HD Stickers and Emojis to send via Texting. Overall, it’s another Best Emoji Texting App For Android Phones.

Key Features:

  • 4000+ Unique Emojis
  • 130+ Awesome Themes
  • HD Emojis & Stickers
  • Send via Many Apps
  • Send via Messaging App via Icon on top

#11. Keyboard

As the name suggests, it is the Keyboard App which has inbuilt Emojis and Emoticons which you can use anywhere on your Android Smartphone.

The Keyboard has over 3000+ Emojis, 1000+ Colorful Themes and 65 Language Support to chat with anyone from all around the world.

This Keyboard is fully customizable where you can customize Keypress Sound, Keyboard Theme, Custom Keyboard Theme, Number Rows, Resize Keyboard and much more.

Moreover, it includes tons of GIFs which will be auto predicted. It was another Best Keyboard Emoji App in the list which comes with Tablet support.

Key Features:

  • 3000+ Emojis
  • 1000+ Colorful Themes
  • 65 Supported Languages
  • Customizable Keypress Sound
  • Custom Keyboard Theme

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Emoji App For Android Phone 2019. Apart from this, there are many other Emoji and Emoticons Apps available on Play Store but here I’ve shared Best out of them. With these Best Emoji For Android App, you can easily send tons of Free HD Emojis to your friends and family.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Emoji App For Android. Which one is your favorite Emoji App from this list? Do let us know via comment, Also, comment if you know any other Best Emoji App you’ve used. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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