13 Best Notepad Apps For Android (Note Taking Apps)

Best Notepad Apps For Android are the Must Have Apps for Android Smartphones. Instead of carrying pen and paper, we can use our Smartphones to take note, you only need a Best Note App For Android. So, today I’m going to Share the Article On Top 13 Best Best Note Taking Apps For Android Smartphones.

Best Notepad Apps For Android

In Earlier days, people used to carry pen and paper with them to take notes but now in this growing technology, everything has become easier with the Smartphone Applications.

You don’t have to carry the pen and paper, now you have Smartphones with you. There there are tons of Apps for Note-Taking On Android & iOS.

You can also use Planner App if you want to Plan or Schedule your day but if you want to take note of everything you want, then Notepad App is the must.

Notepad is one of the most common App for Android and it comes pre-installed on most of the Smartphones. But, they don’t have many features in it.

We all have used Notepad on PC which really helps us taking notes. When it comes to Notepad Apps for Android, there are tons of Note-Taking Apps apart from Android Default Notepad App which makes it difficult to select the best of them.

Therefore, here I’m going to Share the Best Note Application For Android that has tons of features in it. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out 13 Best Notepad Apps For Android (Note Taking Apps).

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13 Best Notepad Apps For Android (Note Taking Apps)


#1. ColorNote

ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote Notepad Notes
Price: Free

ColorNote is one of the most popular and widely used Note Taking Apps For Android. The App has millions of download on Play Store.

As the App name suggests, it is the Color Notepad App where you can change the color of the background which makes it quite interesting.

The App also has a powerful task reminder, online backup and sync, To-Do List and Shopping List. It also has Password Lock Note using which you can protect your notes with passcodes without having an App Lock.

Moreover, you can Add Notes, Quick Thoughts, Color Notes, Calendar, Bus Schedule, Contacts, etc. Basically, you can schedule your whole day using this App.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Notes
  • Task Reminder
  • To-Do List
  • Online Backup & Sync
  • Add Quick Notes
  • Inbuilt Note Locker
  • View Notes In List/Grid


#2. Evernote

Evernote - Note Organizer
Evernote - Note Organizer
Price: Free

Evernote is another most popular and Best Free Notepad Apps For Android Phones. The App has millions of download and 4.6 Ratings on Play Store.

With this App, you can easily manage to take notes for Business, College or School. This is the Best Notepad Apps for Students as well.

When it comes to taking notes, it has a variety of options to take note from including text, photos, videos, audios, PDFs, Web Clippings and much more.

Moreover, it has many other features including Scan Documents, Attach Microsoft Office Docs, Organize your bills and invoices, sync everything automatically on your laptop or computer, etc.

Key Features:

  • Get Organized
  • Attach Microsoft Office Docs, Photos & PDFs
  • Sync Notes Automatically
  • Create Personal To-Do List
  • Clip Web Articles
  • Scan Any Documents
  • Share your Notes


#3. Google Keep

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Price: Free

Google Keep is another Note Taking App developed by Google. The App is very nicely themed with colorful background and tons of amazing features.

With this App, you can easily add notes, lists, photos and share them with your friends. You can also add color labels to quickly organize your plan.

This App will also remind you for groceries. Simply, set location-based reminder and you are done. Also, you can add your recorded notes with this App.

Additionally, it has many other cool features like Adding Notes in any Format, Add Drawings to annotate images, suggestions for the grocery lists and many more other features.

Key Features:

  • Add Notes in any Format
  • Attach Photos
  • Add Drawings
  • Color Labels
  • Set Location-Based Reminder
  • Helpful Suggestions
  • Share Ideas with Friends & Family

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#4. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes
Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes
Price: Free

Microsoft OneNote is another Best Notes App For Android which has a bunch of features in it and is used by millions of people.

To use this App, you’ll only need Android OS Version 4.1 or above and a Free Microsoft Account. After having these two things, you can start using this App for Free.

You can add notes, reminders, to-do list and much more things. You can also categorize them according to their category and use the search box if you’ve forgotten where you have categorized something.

Talking about it features, it includes Cross Platform Support, Android Wear Support, Organization Feature, Collaboration Feature, Voice Support and much more. Overall, this is another Best Notepad App For Android.

Key Features:

  • Get Organized With OneNote
  • Capture your Thoughts & Ideas
  • Work Together In Real-Time
  • Share your Notebook with Friends & Colleagues
  • Collaborate with Anyone
  • Organise your Work
  • Sync your Notes



Notebook - Note-taking & To-do
Notebook - Note-taking & To-do
Price: Free

As the name suggests, it is a Notebook App where you can take down your notes and it also works really well as sticky notes.

Whenever you get an idea or thought, quickly update them in this Best Sticky Note App. This will save your notes and will remind you for that.

Apart from text notes, you can also add voice notes with the help of audio note feature. You can also scan documents, Attach Microsoft Documents, Photos, PDFs and many other files.

It has many amazing features and the best features include Gesture Feature and Notebook Customization Feature. With Gesture feature, you can do many things like Pinch to group notes, Flick to find, etc. and with the Customization feature, you can easily customize and change the color of your notes, View in grid or landscape view, create notebook cover, etc.

Key Features:

  • Create Checklists
  • Record Voice Notes
  • Attach Microsoft Documents, Files & PDFs
  • Password Lock to Protect your Notes
  • Gesture Support
  • Change Notes Color
  • Customize your Notebook


#6. SomNote

SomNote - Beautiful note app
SomNote - Beautiful note app
Price: Free

If you are looking for an Android Note App where you can note your personal life things or some secrets, then SomNote App is for you.

With SomNote, you can take notes of anything you want with attachments of images and pictures and lock them with the Inbuilt Applocker or say Passcode Locker.

The Best part about this App is, it has various themes just like Android Launchers. You are free to select any of the theme and start taking notes.

Furthermore, it has various other features like Creating a Folder, Protecting your secret notes with inbuilt locker, Auto-Sync, Various Themes, Beautiful Fonts, etc.

Key Features:

  • Inbuild App Locker
  • Automatically Sync your Notes
  • Create a Folder
  • Change Fonts
  • Sort your Notes by Dates or Alphabetical Order
  • Customize your View
  • Sketch, Draw & Take Beautiful Notes


#7. Squid

Squid: Take Notes, Markup PDFs
Squid: Take Notes, Markup PDFs
Price: Free

Squid is another Best Note Taking App For Android Tablet and Mobile. The App has tons of amazing features in it that can help you to take notes in various formats.

If you are a student, then this App is great for you. Take notes of what teachers are teaching in the lecture that will help you in revision.

With this App, you can take handwritten notes naturally on your Android Phone or Tablet which is another plus point. You can also use Stylus to take note on the App. This is one of the Best Note Taking App with Stylus.

Talking about its feature, it comes with Gesture Control, Multi-Window Support, Vector Graphics Engine, Change Color, Organize Notes, Multiple Paper Types, etc. Overall, this is one of the Best Handwriting Note Taking App For Android.

Key Features:

  • Take Handwritten Notes
  • Gesture Control
  • Vector Graphics Engine
  • Multi-Window Support
  • Change Notes Color
  • Multiple Paper Types
  • Take Notes with Stylus

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#8. ClevNote

ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist
Price: Free

ClevNote is another Best Free Note App For Android or say Best Checklist App For Android where you can take down all your necessary notes.

With this App, you can do lot more things than a regular Note taking App like you can Manage Bank Account Number, Manage Site IDs, Manage Checklist, Manage Birthdate Lists, etc.

The App is different from other Notepad Apps. Here, you can take notes and schedule your task. Once the task is done, simply mark Done on the App. You can also sort the work by their status.

It is a lightweight App where you can also Add Checklists and To-Do Lists. Moreover, it has reminder function and it comes with Home Screen Widget.

Key Features:

  • Manage Bank Account, Site IDs, Checklist, Birthdate and many more
  • Add Checklists & To-Do Lists
  • Homescreen Widgets
  • General Text Memo
  • Reminder Function
  • Sort By Status
  • Cloud Backup


#9. My Notes

My Notes - Notepad
My Notes - Notepad
Price: Free

This is another Personal Notepad App where you can note down your things related to Shopping, Health, Finance, Work, etc.

The App is basically a Diary App where you can note down things similarly you note down in your diary. The App will automatically arrange your task or notes in a category.

The Best part about this App is, you can protect your secret notes with the help of Pin, Password or Fingerprint Lock which is quite amazing.

Though the App has tons of feature, the most useful features are App Lock, Add Reminders, Sync Notes, Dark Theme, Widgets, Manage Folders, Theme Color, Manage Backups, etc.

Key Features:

  • Personal Note Taking App
  • Protect your Notes with App Lock
  • App Lock with Pin, Password & Fingerprint
  • Add Reminders
  • Change Theme Color
  • Sync Notes
  • Manage Backups


#10. Omni Notes

Omni Notes
Omni Notes
Price: Free

Omni Notes is a simple yet powerful tool to take notes. With its amazing features, it becomes a must use App for Android Smartphones.

Now, Keeping track of your notes and to-do list has become easy. Just use this App, sort the work according to the importance and you are done.

You can also arrange the task with colored ones that will be easy to identify. It comes with Material Design Interface which is easy to use and looks very beautiful.

Additionally, it has tons of other features including Sketch-Note Mode, To-Do List, Batch Editing, Full-Text Search, Select Color, Attach Files, Manage your Notes, Multiple Widgets and many other features.

Key Features:

  • Material Design Interface
  • Colored Tasks
  • Attach Files
  • Add Notes & To-Do Lists
  • Batch Editing
  • Add Notes Shortcuts On Homescreen
  • Sketch-Note Mode

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#11. FiiNote

FiiNote, note everything
FiiNote, note everything
Price: Free

FiiNote is not only a Notebook App but also Drawing App where you can Note anything and Draw anything you want. This is very helpful for Businessmen and Students.

The App comes with grid background which makes it easy to draw anything on it. It also supports stylus drawing that can help you to draw perfectly.

The App is very similar to Drawing or Painting Apps where you can draw and take notes. You can also change fonts, text, colors on this App.

Talking about its feature, you can set Date Reminder, Grid Layout, Color your notes, Organize by books and tags, Stylus Support, Unique Hybrid Model and many other features. Overall, this is another Best Notepad Apps For Android.

Key Features:

  • Unique Hybrid Model
  • Date Reminder
  • Colorful Notes
  • Grid Layout
  • Organize by Books & Tags
  • Stylus Support
  • Change Fonts & Add Drawing Notes


#12. D Notes

D Notes - notes and lists
D Notes - notes and lists
Price: Free

If you are looking for a well-designed Note Taking App, then D Notes is for you. It is one of the Best Android Note Taking App with beautiful design.

With your regular notes, you can also attach your files, videos, audios and photos. You can also manage different notes with categories and colors.

Also, the App has Fingerprint and Pincode Lock to protect your notes. The App is highly customizable where you can select from multiple fonts, themes and sorting options.

The App is easy to use and doesn’t require any online account to start using it. It is one of the Best Offline Notepad Apps For Android.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Material Design
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Fonts & Themes
  • Attach Files, Videos Photos & Audios
  • Manage Notes with Category & Color
  • Fingerprint & Pincode Lock
  • Voice Recorder


#13. Sticky Notes + Widget

WeeNote Notes and Widget
WeeNote Notes and Widget
Price: Free

If you still carry Sticky Notes with you, then you must use this App. It is one of the Best Sticky Note App For Android that also comes with Homescreen Widget.

Now you don’t need to carry those sticky notes, simply use this App and stick your sticky notes on your Android Homepage.

You can stick handwritten notes on your home screen which will keep reminding your task or work. The Widget is resizable which can easily fit on any Smartphone Device.

Additionally, the App has tons of features including Resizable Widget, Scrollable Text, Extensions Store, Handwritten Notes, Transparency Adjustment, Organize Folders, Password Protection and many other features.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Homescreen Widget
  • Handwritten Notes
  • Task Reminder
  • Transparency Adjustment
  • Password Protection
  • Scrollable Text
  • Resizeable Widget

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Final Words

This was the Article On 13 Best Notepad Apps For Android (Note Taking Apps). Apart from this, there are many other Paid an Free Note Taking App but here I’ve shared the most popular and Best Out of them. You can also use Inbuilt Notepad App on your Android Device but most of them don’t have enough features, so, better to download these Apps with tons of features.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Notepad Apps For Android. Do Comment below if you know any other Best Free Android Notepad Apps or Best Handwriting Apps For Android. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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