10 Best Workout App For Android 2018

Nowadays, Best Workout App For Android is quite difficult to find as there are tons of Apps on Play Store. So, if you are looking for the Best Fitness Apps For Android, then this Article is for you. Today I’m going to Share Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps For Android Phone.

Best Workout App For Android

Many people like eating junk foods and don’t care about their health. But, you should always eat healthy food to keep your body fit and healthy.

Though if you don’t go to Gym nor do exercise, still, this Fitness App will be great for you. These Fitness Apps can help you to manage your diet plan, set your goal, set exercising time with Alarm Clock Feature and much more. So, you should get this App for your Smartphone.

Nowadays, everyone has a Smartphone. So, why not to use it for some health benefits? If you are a Health Conscious, then these are the Must-Have Apps for your Smartphones.

Your Smartphone can assist you in many ways to keep you healthy. There are many Best Fitness Tracker App which can track your Sleep and Walking Distance that will help to achieve your goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are conscious about your health, then you must use these health and fitness apps. Apart from this, if you are a Body Builder, then there are many other Apps like Bodybuilding App, Weightlifting App and Gym App which can help you to gain muscle and lose weight.


Features Of Fitness Workout Apps:

Though I’ve already mentioned features below every app, still, here are some popular and common features among these Apps.

  • Personal Fitness
  • Sleep & Distance Tracker
  • Set your Goals
  • Voice Coach
  • Workout Calendar App
  • Share your Success
  • Different Challenges
  • Track Progress

These were few features of these Fitness Apps. Apart from this, this are many other features which I have discussed below. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out 10 Best Workout App For Android 2018.

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10 Best Workout App For Android 2018

No.App NameDownloadsRatings
1Runtastic Running App10 Million4.5
2Endomondo10 Million4.5
3Google Fit10 Million3.9
4Home Workout10 Million4.8
5Calorie Counter50 Million4.6
6Strava Training10 Million4.5
7JEFIT Workout Tracker5 Million4.5
8Workout Trainer10 Million4.2
9Virtuagym Fitness Tracker5 Million4.2
10FitNotes1 Million4.6


Best Workout App For Android


#1. Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker

Runtastic is one of the Best Running App & Mile Tracker App For Android Smartphones. If you are a person who does exercise daily, then this will be the Best Workout App for you

The App comes with inbuilt Running Tracker and Fitness Tracker which can track Speed, Time, Distance, Calories Burned while running, biking or jogging.

It is like a GPS Tracker App which tracks you while jogging, walking and running. With this App, you can set your goals to keep moving in the right direction.

Moreover, you can keep your Records and it also comes with Live Tracking Feature, Voice Coach and Powersong which comes with inbuilt Music Player.

Key Features:

  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Integrated Music Player
  • Live Tracking
  • Distance Tracker
  • Voice Coach
  • Share your Success


#2. Endomondo

Endomondo is another Best Workout App for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain. Basically, a Best Fitness App to keep your body fit and healthy.

This App also comes with Walking, Running, Riding, Biking and Fitness Tracking Feature. Not only this, but you can track over 60+ other sports with GPS.

You can easily track your workouts with GPS and analyze your stats. Set your workout goals and this App will help you to achieve it.

The Best Part about this App is, you can easily connect it with Samsung Gear and Android Wear. Also, you can Pair it with a Heart Rate Monitor.

Key Features:

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Over 60+ Sports Tracker
  • Connect with Samsung Gear & Android Wear
  • Pair With Heart Rate Monitor
  • Set Workout Goals
  • Get Audio Feedback

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#3. Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the Best Workout & Fitness Tracking App developed by Google. It is a popular app due to its fantastic features.

Tracking made easy with the help of this App. You can effortlessly track any activity like running, walking, biking or even sleeping.

If you have any fitness goal, this App will help you to keep you on track. With tracking feature, you can also see real-time stats of any activity to stay motivated.

Additionally, you can connect this with many Fitness Tracker like Google Wear, Runkeeper, Xiaomi Mi Bands, etc. Overall, this is another Best Workout Apps for Men & Women to achieve your goals.

Key Features:

  • Track Any Activity
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Connect with Fitness Trackers
  • Track your Record
  • Get Instant Insights
  • Set your Goals


#4. Home Workout

As the name suggests, Home Workout is the Workout App which can help you to lose weight and gain muscle without any equipment.

This App will become your personal trainer for your home and will maintain your health. In this App, you will get workouts for Abs, Shoulder, Chest, Legs, Biceps and Triceps that too for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Best Part about the App is, you will get a Detailed Videos & Animated Video Guide to help you lose your weight and gain muscle.

You can schedule your weekly and monthly goal on this App and once you finished the daily exercise, you will get the final results with Completed Action, Kcal and Duration. Overall, this is another Best Workout App For Android.

Key Features:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Get Detailed Animated Video Guide
  • Lose Weight & Gain Muscle
  • Schedule Weekly & Monthly Goals
  • Check your Final Result
  • Automatically Record Training Progress


#5. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is another Best Android Workout App in the list. The App is specially designed for Calorie Counting but still, it has many more features in it.

If you are a health conscious, then this app will be great for you as you can keep track of what you are eating. The App has over 6 Million foods in their database.

The best and interesting feature this app has is Barcode Scanner. With the Barcode Scanner, you can scan the product and get the details about its calories.

Moreover, you can sync this App with other apps automatically. Overall, it’s another Best Bodybuilding Diet App or say Best Fitness Diet App For Android.

Key Features:

  • Over 6+ Million Food Database
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Food Insights
  • Calorie Counter
  • Track All Nutrients
  • Recipe Importer


#6. Strava Training

Another popular and Best Android Fitness App in the list is Strava Training. It is a popular and highly rated app which you can download for free from Google Play Store.

Talking about its features, it comes with Fitness Tracker, Mark your route on Map, Record Routes, Analyze your training, Mile & Distance Tracker and much more other features.

It also comes with Training Challenges where you can train and improve yourself in monthly challenges and also compete with others.

Apart from Running & Distance Tracking, this App also supports other sports including Swim, Yoga, Hike, Surf, Indoor Running & Cycling, Crossfit, Gym Workouts and much more.

Key Features:

  • Map your Routes
  • Training Challenges
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Analyze your Training
  • Set & Complete Goals
  • Distance & Mile Counter

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#7. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

As the name says, it is the App for Bodybuilders. If you are going to Gym Regularly, then you should use this App on your Smartphone.

If you are a person who workouts every day, then this App will help you to track your progress and also help you to improve your training.

The App has over 1300+ Demonstration and tons of HD Videos from Experts to help you in your training. Talking about exercise, it has many exercises including Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Cardio, Shoulder, Chest and many other exercises.

Furthermore, you can Track your Stats with Bar Graph & Pie Chart. You can also add your friends to share your progress with them.

Key Features:

  • Over 1300+ Exercises
  • HD Videos From Experts
  • Track your Stats with Pie Chart & Bar Graph
  • Add Friends & Share your Workout
  • Powerful Tools
  • Fully Customizable


#8. Workout Trainer

If you are looking for a Trainer App, then Workout Trainer will be perfect for you. It comes with tons of features and is highly rated on Play Store.

Not only in Gym, but this App can train you anywhere you want, even at your home without any equipments. There are many exercises for beginners to advanced that can improve your skills.

Here, in this App, you will get many different exercises to train your body. This App can also help you to lose weight and gain muscle.

The App has Certified Personal Trainers which can assist you to lose weight and gain muscle. You can also analyze your progress in the form of Bar Graph & Pie Chart. You can say, this is the Best Bodybuilding App for Android.

Key Features:

  • Certified Personal Trainers
  • Gain Muscle & Lose Weight
  • Analyze Your Progress
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Rep or Time-Based Exercise
  • Connect your Fitness Tracker & Smartwatch


#9. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

As the name suggests, it is the Virtual Gym App which can train you without going to a gym or without having any Gym Equipment.

The App has over 4000+ exercise which is pretty amazing. The Best part about this App is, you will get thousands of 3D Animated exercises that can help you to do perfect exercise.

The App also has over 250+ metrics to track your progress and get motivated. You can analyze your Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Activity Stats and much more.

So, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or build muscle, this App has all workouts that can help you in that. Overall, it’s the Best Virtual Gym App For Android Smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Over 4000+ Exercise
  • Thousands Of 3D Animated Exercises
  • 250+ Metrics to Track Progres
  • Analyze your Training
  • Create Custom Workout Routines
  • Personal Trainer


#10. FitNotes

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

FitNotes is basically a Note App or say Workout Tracker App which comes with Simple and Clean Design. Here, you can keep your Workout Logs which can help you to track your progress.

The App is something like Fitness Calendar App where you can schedule your time, take notes and track your progress.

Create your custom routine and category that suits your training program. You can also add new exercise and training on this App via Save and New feature.

Moreover, it also comes with a Graph where you can check your progress. Overall, it’s another Best Gym Workout App For Android Phones.

Key Features:

  • Workout Log
  • Exercise Database
  • Create Custom Categories
  • Record Training
  • Create your Routine
  • Workout Calendar

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android Of 2018. Apart from this, there are many other Best Gym App, Best Weightlifting Apps, Best Android Bodybuilding App, etc. but here I’ve shared the most popular and Best Workout And Fitness Apps out of them.

With these Fitness Apps, you can easily lose weight and gain muscle. Schedule Time, Analyze Stats, Fitness Tracker, Distance Tracker, Sleep Tracker, etc. has become easy with this Workout Apps.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Workout App For Android. Do Comment below if you know any other Best Free Workout Apps For Android. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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