5 Best QR Code Reader App For Android Phone

Android is one of the most used Platform by the users as there are millions of Apps that can enhance their experience. There are millions of Apps available for Android Platform which you can download from Play Store or Play Store Alternative. I’ve already talked about many Apps like Best Photo Editing Apps, Best VPN Apps, Best Free Recharge Apps, and much more. So, now here I’m going to Share 5 Best QR Code Reader App For Android Phone.

Best QR Code Reader

Earlier days, Barcode & QR Code reading devices were only used by few people but now in this growing technology, everyone having Smartphone with Camera can read the Barcode & QR Code.


QR Code (Quick Response Code) plays a very important role and you can store various data like Wifi Password, Information, Product Price, and much more.


Apart from reading QR Codes, you can also create your own custom QR Code which you can Share with your friends and family. They just need the Best QR Code Reader App to retrieve the information in the QR Code.


You can find these QR Codes in various places like in newly released WhatsApp, Paytm, Xender, Visiting Cards, Books, etc. QR Codes can store much information than Barcodes.


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Now you don’t need to purchase any third party Product to Scan QR Code as it is now possible with your Smartphone. You just need a Smartphone with Camera and you are done.


QR Code Reader is the Must Have App as you will need it much when you are in the grocery store or any other store. It will help you to compare prices and will show review of that product.


Below mentioned Apps will let you Read QR Code and even Create your own Custom QR Code. So, using this QR Code App, you can easily Create QR Code.


So, let’s proceed further and check out 5 Best QR Code Reader App For Android Phone.



5 Best QR Code Reader App For Android Phone



#1. QR Droid Code Scanner


QR Droid Code Scanner is another popular QR Code Reader App using which you can Scan any QR Code you want. You can also scan Barcodes using this App.


You can easily Scan and Create your own custom QR Code. Once you scan the code, you can easily Edit your just Scanned QR Code using this App.


Create and Share QR Codes in less than a second from Contacts, Maps, Bookmarks, Installed Apps & much more.



#2. ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner


ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner another popular App through which you can not only Scan QR Codes but also Barcodes.


It has many features like Compare prices, Get every local and online sale, Get Cashback, etc. It has over 40,000 Stores including Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Newegg.


You can use this App while you’re out shopping to make sure you’re getting the lowest prices. This App will help you to find out best deals.

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#3. QR Code Reader


QR Code Reader is one of the Best QR Code Reader App for Android Smartphones. To Scan the QR Code, Simply Open the App & Point the Camera towards QR Code.


This App not only lets you to Scan QR Code but you can also Scan Barcode using this App. It is very simple to use as said earlier just point your camera towards the code and it will be scanned automatically.


You can also Create your own Custom QR Code using this App which is a great feature. So, you must give this App a try.



#4. ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader


ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is also one of the popular Barcode & QR Code Reader which will help you to scan a code within a second.


It also has a Price Comparision Feature where you can compare prices from your favorite stores like Amazon, Macy’s, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.


It is similar to other QR Code Scanning App where you can Scan Codes, Read Reviews, Compare Prices and much more.



#5. Free QR Scanner: Bar code reader & QR Scanner


Free QR Scanner is another Best Barcode & QR Scanner App which will help you to scan QR & Barcode.


This QR Code Scanner scans all standard 1D and 2D code types (including almost all QR code & barcodes). It has many features like Instant scan, Flashlight supported, Scan history saved, etc.


It is a Free QR Scanner App which has got a good rating on Play Store. So, you must give it a try.


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These were the 5 Best QR Code Reader App For Android Phone. Almost every App has the same feature, so it doesn’t matter a lot which one to select. It totally depends upon you which one you like the most.


Hope you liked this Article on Best QR Code Reader App. Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.



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