5 Best VPN Apps For Android Smartphones – 2017

Nowadays in this growing Technology Internet has become a part of our life & One cannot live without the Internet. Most of the people spend their much time on the Internet than the real world. But, when it comes to the Internet, Privacy is the factor which cannot be avoided. So, to keep you safe and anonymous, here I’m back with another Article on 5 Best VPN Apps For Android Smartphones – 2017.

Best VPN App For Android

While working on the Internet, Privacy is one of the main factor which cannot be ignored. So, to deal with this, you need to use VPN which will mask your IP Address and make you Anonymous.

VPN or a Virtual Private Network are used to add security and privacy to the networks. In Simple words, VPN helps you to Mask your IP Address and helps you to become more secure on the Internet.

VPN not only secures your privacy but it also allows you to access blocked content in your country. You can easily connect to any server and access any blocked content in your country.

There are many VPN Services available using which you can Change Your IP Address and become more secure. Though you can do it manually from your Phones settings, it is difficult and a complex process. So, better to use a VPN App which will help you to access the internet via different servers.

When you look for a VPN App on Play Store, you will know that there are tons of Apps available and you will be confused. So, to remove your confusion, I’ve listed Best VPN Apps For Android which you should use.

These VPN Apps are Free as well as Paid. In Free Versions, there are some drawbacks but in the Paid version, you will get an Advanced feature. You can choose it according to your needs. If you have Google Play Credits, I’ll recommend you to go with the Paid Version as they have advanced features.


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Assuming that you spend your most time on your Smartphone, I’ve listed 5 Best VPN Apps For Android Smartphones.


5 Best VPN Apps For Android Smartphones – 2017


#1. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is the Free VPN App available on Play Store. Though it has some advertisements, it is quite useful and it is pretty fast with respect to other VPN.

You can also choose various servers by clicking on the earth icon from top right corner. It is quite useful and has various servers.Now, you just need to click on the Carrot icon and you are done.

Connecting to a server is very simple you just need to click on the Carrot icon and you are done. Now you are Connected to a Server.

#2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is another popular VPN available on Play Store which you can download for Free. This App has many advanced features in it which you can use for free.

Once you download & signup, you will get limited data to use as it is Free Version. You can Upgrade it to Pro Version to get its advanced feature unlocked.

It is much popular as it has tons of servers and you can connect in one click. Apart from this, the App also shows ping value in ms.

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#3. Ultrasurf VPN

Ultrasurf VPN is another useful VPN App which is quite popular among the people and it is also much popular in Windows PC.

The best this I like about this App is that it doesn’t have any advertisement. It has a clean and simple interface which has only one click option.

The App has only one option which is “Switch to Connect” button. It doesn’t give you a lot of options to connect to different servers but I like this App because of its simplicity.

#4. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN is also another popular VPN App which is used by most of the people. This App has lots of features which are not available in any other App.

This App has built in browser and you can surf any website from the VPN directly. You can also change the server by click on flag button from top left corner.

The best part about this App is that if you don’t want the whole system running under the VPN then you can use this VPN in a particular App. Just select the App from the VPN and choose the server to open the App in VPN.

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#5. VPN Master

Another Popular VPN in this list is VPN Master. This VPN is also quite famous among most of the people and you can easily connect to any server and unblock any website which is blocked in your country.

When you open the VPN Master App, it will automatically connect to the fastest server available and if you want you can change the server by click on “Fastest Server” button. There are also VIP Servers for which you have to pay or you can simply use Free Servers which are available.

This VPN also provides great speed and if you want you can also check the Speed by clicking on Network > Quick Test.


These were 5 Best VPN Apps For Android Smartphones. You can select your preferred VPN App and start using it if you don’t want to compromise your security. Hope you liked this Article on Best VPN App For Android. Do Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with Trick Xpert for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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