11 Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play

Do you love Playing Clash Of Clans? If Yes, then you might also be looking for an Alternative Of Clash Of Clans to Play Similar Games where you can Build your own Base. So, here I’m going to Share 11 Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play.

Games Like Clash Of Clans

When it comes to Games, there are many popular Gaming Consoles where you can Play Xbox 360 Games, PS3 Games, etc.

Clash Of Clans is one of the Most Popular Game where you can build your base and attack your opponents online. It is a widely popular Game which is Played by most of the people nowadays.

Clash Of Clans is developed by Supercell and it is highly rated game which has millions of downloads. While Playing Game, you can Train Troops, Attack Opponents, Upgrade Defense, Request Troops and do much more.

If you have a Smartphone, then it has the high probability that you have COC Game Installed on your Phone. But, if you don’t have Smartphone and you are looking a Game for PC, then there are many Clash Of Clans Like Games For PC as well.

Apart from PC Games Like Clash Of Clans, you can also use Android Emulators or Rooted Bluestacks to Play Clash Of Clans Games On PC.

If you are a fan of this Game & looking for Games Similar To Clash Of Clans, then this Article is for you as in this Article, I’m going to Share Games Alternative To Clash Of Clans.

So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out 11 Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play.


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11 Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play


Games Like Clash Of Clans


#1. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is one of the most popular Game Developed By Supercell for Smartphones which is also a Clash Of Clans Alternative.

Unlike Other Games Like Clash Of Clans, here also you have to Build your own Base and upgrade your Defence and Army to Level up your Account.

The Game is almost Similar to Clash Of Clans, the only major difference is instead of Swords & Arrows, Boom Beach has high tech Tanks, Missiles, Guns, Rockets, etc.

Download: Android | iOS


#2. Castle Clash

Castle Clash is another popular Fun Games Like Clash Of Clans. Similar to COC Game, here also you have to Attack and Protect your Defence.

Simply, Build your Village by building and upgrading them. You can also upgrade your heroes and battle them against other heroes.

You can choose from many different units to create ultimate army. Moreover, you can also Play this Games with your Friends.

Download: Android | iOS


#3. Clash of Kings

If you are looking for a Game Similar to Clash Of Clans, then Clash of Kings will be perfect for you as it has a very similar concept as of COC.

It’s the Best Online Multiplayer Game where you can Train your Army, Build your Defence and even you can join any clan. The Best part of the Game is its Graphics which makes it look more realistic and attractive.

This Game has millions of Downloads & it’s a Highly-Rated Game. It is another most popular and Best Alternative To COC which you can try.

Download: Android | iOS


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#4. Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of Duty: Heroes is another Best Free Game Like Clash Of Clans where you can Play Game Similar to COC but with Call Of Duty Theme.

In this Game, you can Unlock Ionic Heroes From Call Of Duty and you can Level up your Heroes to increase their ability.

You can Build your Own Base, Train your Army, Defend your Base against attackers, Attack your opponent, Moreover, you can Donate and Request Troops for better Army.

Download: Android | iOS


#5. Star Wars: Commander

As the name suggests “Star Wars“, you will definitely Play this Game if you are a Fan of Star Wars. The Game lets you Train, Defend, Build, Battle, Level Up and do many more things.

You can fight against iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, etc. You can easily complete missions and gain rewards.

Additionally, you can train your troops and Level up your vehicles, heroes and troops to increase their Health, Damage and Ability.

Download: Android | iOS


#6. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is another Best Strategy Game Similar to Clash Of Clans. The Game is quite popular and has millions of Downloads.

Unlike other COC like Game, here also you can Build your own Empire, Train your Troops and Upgrade them with unique skills.

Additionally, while Playing this Game, you can connect with people all around the world by Chatting with other Players in the Game.

Download: Android | iOS


#7. Total Conquest

Total Conquest is another Similar Games To Clash Of Clans. Here too you have to train your Army for Attack and defense your village.

In this Game like COC, you can Train & Upgrade 10 different unit types. You can Battle Players from all around the world and lead your army.

Join Legion of Powerful Players or Create your own Legion. Also, you can increase your Legion Ranking by fighting and attacking.

Download: Android | iOS


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#8. Siegefall

Siegefall is another popular and the Best Kingdom Building Game for Smartphone these days where you can build your Army and Control your Kingdom.

Build your Army and compete with other players around the world in live PvP Battles, make decisions on the fly, choose the best strategy and rule as a real king.

You can Train Troops, Level up heroes, increase ability and build your own base as in COC. Moreover, you can Play Live Duels all around the world.

Download: Android | iOS


#9. Jungle Heat

If you love Playing COC, then you will definitely love this Game as in this Game you have to Build your own Base and defend them again opponents.

Jungle Heat is a Free Cross-Platform War Game where you can Build your Base, Upgrade Defense, Train Troops, Attack on Opponents, Defend against Opponents and much more.

Assemble your Army with different heroes whose different capabilities can change the way you battle and make you win most of the Battle you Attack.

Download: Android | iOS


#10. Viking Wars

Viking Wars is quite similar to Clash Of Clans Game where you can Build your own Base, Upgrade Troops, Train Troops, Build Defense, etc.

Similar to Clash Of Clans, you can Upgrade Town Hall to unlock more defenses and troops which you can later on upgrade to make them stronger.

Attack opponents to gain loots and improve your defense by upgrading Watch Towers, Cannons and various other defenses to protect your town.

Download: Android


#11. Total War Battles

Total War Battles is another Best War Game Like Clash Of Clans where you have to Build your own Base and Expand your Kingdom.

Build your Base, Train Troops, Build Defense, etc. Command your Army in Large-Scale to Battle against other Players in Real-Time.

You can Play this Game On Phones, Tablets and PC. You can say its the Games like Clash Of Clans For PC & Phones. So, it’s the Best Clash of Clans type Game where you can train your Army and Build your Realm.

Download: Android | iOS


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This was the Article On 11 Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play. Apart from this, there are many other Best Games Like Clash Of Clans which you can try. Once you star Playing these Games, you will notice that these are the Best Alternative Of Clash Of Clans.

Hope you liked this Article On Games Like Clash Of Clans. Do Comment below if I have missed any of the Best Alternative Of COC. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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