Content Delivery Network – Live Video Streaming Is An Essential Service

Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps to load the content faster on the Internet. It creates a network from different servers which helps a site load faster in any country.

Content Delivery Network

Though if you have a High-Speed Internet connection but the images and websites will load slower if the requests come from very long and different country.

If you have ever like Streaming Sports Online Or Streaming Movies Online, you might notice the speed difference if you change your IP Address using VPN.

If you are not in the country where the server is located, then you might experience the site to be loading slowly. CDN helps here by loading images, videos, sites very fast.

So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out more about Content Delivery Network (CDN).


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Content Delivery Network – Live Video Streaming Is An Essential Service


A very common term in online video and streaming is the CDN which is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network. These networks are used for delivering different types of content too many endpoints faster and in a very cost-effective way. The endpoints could be mobile devices, web browsers, gaming consoles or even set-top boxes. CDNs are again of three types: those for delivering usual content, those distributing on-demand and those transferring live videos.


Types Of CDN


1. CDN for general purpose

CDNs stared expanding even before videos and you might have used these if you ever did download any software update or purchased your Best Music on iTunes or if you browsed through any website. Content Delivery Network used for general purposes performs web acceleration. A high performing network that has servers placed in various locations is used for the task. CDN captures content, stores a copy and produces the copy when internet users request frequently.


2. CDN for On-Demand Video

There are streaming servers that transfer content as in when requested for but only the bits is delivered but not the entire clip. CDNs did not intend to spend extra money for streaming software and hardware simply to limit the bits transferred to a user so there came the direct download and the progressive download. Now the most recent is the HTTP streaming which comes with Adaptive Bitrate encoding and fast delivery. Usual HTTP servers are used to distribute on-demand videos same way as website content is distributed. The ABR converts a video into chunks usually 2-10 seconds in length, creating isolated streams at different bitrates and then utilizes the feedback from the user’s video player to find out the network speed.


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3. Live Video CDN

Live video delivery is very important even after having HTTP streaming and ARB because you cannot cache videos, unlike content. Cdn live stream is thus very popular. CDNs are delivering a lot of on-demand videos and according to statistics about 95%, online videos are distributed as on-demand content. This CDN segment, after all, needs a lot more advancement due to the rising demand and limited infrastructure.

There are various reasons why businesses prefer live streaming their events. It is a fantastic choice to attract a large number of audiences via the internet. Live streaming is also important to remain ahead in this severe competition. Cdn live streaming service is extremely important because live streaming is a marketing tool, it can give greater benefits. It is very important to choose the right service provider because live streaming can help to create a difference only if done perfectly. This requires a content delivery service that can accommodate huge traffic and can broadcast superior quality images.


Tips to choose streaming video hosting

Are you a small business looking for hosting video streaming for your live event? There are a few factors you need to keep in mind while choosing an ideal service provider.

  • There are few free services available that offer decent live streaming but do not promise a good bandwidth in networks. A dedicated service provider guarantees perfect online experience without any lag. You must be ready to pay the charges for such superior services.
  • Approach a supplier that has a huge CDN and offers global services via super speed optical fiber backbones that can handle flash traffic and peak loads.
  • Choose a platform that you wish the streaming videos to be viewed on; the usual ones are Microsoft Media Player and Adobe Flash. Seek advice regarding the ideal player.
  • Traffic is another big thought which means how many viewers you would have. Here the bandwidth matters and a small business can start with the initial package of 5TB. If videos can be archived you can view on-demand videos anytime.


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CDN is a network of computers that contain data copies, the computers on a content delivery network are able to request data that are not there, from other machines on the network. CDNs are not limited to sharing audio and video streaming loads. We can also share PDF files and images in the same manner. You can request any format of digital media over the content delivery network. You can also cache websites so that there is faster delivery worldwide.

Hope you liked this Article On Content Delivery Network (CDN). Do Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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