StudyBay: The Best Way To Earn Money Online

Making Money Online is always a trending Platform on the Internet. There are many ways through which you can Earn Money Online on the Internet. So, here I’m back again with another Article on “StudyBay: The Best Way To Earn Money Online


E-commerce has literally taken over every little activity we carry out on a daily basis. It has made our work much simpler and cut down our efforts hugely! In such a scenario, education is a sector that is essentially taken into account while talking about everything going online. Like we depend on e-commerce for shopping, banking, traveling, booking hotels and movie tickets, even for education, we use the internet.

Generally, many e-commerce companies make use of certain liaison websites that are affiliated with them in order to spread the reach and visibility of both their products/services and business. These websites garner visitors and increase the potential users of those websites. This is the process that is commonly known as affiliate marketing.


What is StudyBay?

StudyBay is one such website that makes use of affiliate marketing in a great way. It is a workspace related to academics and education, where authors can use their educational prowess and serve the needs of students related to various subjects.

How the process works is that first, authors receive projects from students. Students can acquire a variety of study materials in this platform. Freelance authors, as a result, get paid for their work. This is a great opportunity to utilize their knowledge in a useful manner.

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This is a world of education that offers students essays, academic papers, dissertation etc. The reason why it’s beneficial both ways is that students get their study materials instantly and authors get paid for their immense knowledge. It’s also ensured that authors in StudyBay are well-read and qualified.

Once students sign up for StudyBay, they will be provided with a username and password which they can use the next time they log in. They will be hence able to procure any type of study material and get them in print as per their needs. The articles that you get in StudyBay are completely plagiarism-free. Every article submitted by an author is checked thoroughly with the help of plagiarism software. StudyBay also offers you a money back guarantee.

StudyBay Affiliate Program

First, the student places his/her order; after which the available authors raise their offers. Then, it’s left to the students’ discretion to choose his ideal author. Once the decision of who to hire is done, the writer puts his working hat on.

StudyBay Affiliate Program denotes educational traffic centered in English Speaking Countries. Wide varieties of traffic are accumulated under one roof. Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that any kind of spam intervenes the smooth functioning of this educational business. StudyBay pays authors on a regular basis (sometimes, even everyday payment is made way for). The minimum payout for authors is generally $10. Payments can be made through cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Payoneer).

Below is a list of some amazing promotion techniques used in StudyBay:

  • Banners
  • Order forms
  • Links
  • Landings
  • Keywords

Once the topic is put forth by the student, StudyBay gives away multiple offers for you. On your first order, you get a flat 60% off. Furthermore, an additional 15% will also be deducted from your subsequent orders. With every attracted partner, you’re given $10 and a commission of 5% is offered for referral program in case you invite and gain a new partner using your referral link. A comprehensive data analysis is also given to you once you place a new order.

StudyBay values time a lot and it never fails to stand by its principles. It chooses to complete projects within deadlines. Postponement is not encouraged in this platform. The content that is uploaded and stored in StudyBay is kept completely secure through SSLS 128 bit encryption.

The price per page comes up to $5 which appears to be quite cheap and affordable. The brilliant set of offers saves you a great deal of money and efforts. The absence of intermediaries is yet another benefit. Moreover, as the students’ time and efforts are saved, they will be able to direct their resources towards some other project which is more important.


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StudyBay Order

StudyBay has gathered over 10,000 authors till now and the quantity just goes higher day by day. It is made sure that these authors are well-qualified and literate. They also have a work experience of writing on more than 55,000 topics till date. This reassures StudyBay’s credibility. The customer service team is also really dedicated and active. They respond to your queries at the earliest. Your queries could fall under categories such as technical and general. The process is quite simple. You just have to go to the support tab and enter your query. An online chat service is also open for you.


StudyBay Affiliate Program Promotions

In StudyBay, you can get hold of different promotional instruments that smoothens your visitor accumulation process. Depending on your requirements, you could select ideal materials from a huge bunch that includes CTA buttons, a catalog of keywords, landing pages, banners, pop-ups etc. These materials are supported by various devices and operating systems. The promotional tools could also be tested using A/B testing that ends up with a positive result. Another benefit of StudyBay is that it finances for your educational blogs.


Pros of StudyBay Affiliate

  • A conversion rate of 57% can be processed. (57% is known to be the highest conversion rate in the industry)
  • The maximum number of re-bills for every product varies from 5 to 9.
  • Conversion of traffic is not limited to just weekdays but also extends to the weekends and holidays. StudyBay leads to 24*7 traffic conversion.
  • Instant transactions are enabled on a daily basis with a minimum payment of $10.
  • If you’re looking for the best promotional stuff, this is your ideal destination.

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StudyBay gained a great reputation among the users’ community. It is ranked to be one of the best affiliate programs that nurture your latent talent and brings out the best in you. Writing is a piece of art that has multiple purposes and it might even help others and at the same time, bring you monetary and non-monetary rewards. Don’t forget to check out StudyBay!

Hope you loved this Article on StudyBay. Do Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with Trick Xpert for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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