How To Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard & Mouse To Control Your Computer

If you ever wanted to Control Your Computer Using A Phone but had no idea, then you are at the right place. In this Article, I’m going to share How you can turn your Phone into a Keyboard & Mouse to control your Computer.



Controlling your computer using your Smartphone is not a difficult way as it doesn’t require much knowledge. Very easily you can Control your Computer using your Smartphone. You can Use your Phone as a Keyboard & Mouse to control you Computer.


As we control our TV using Remote, similarly we can control our Computer using a Smartphone. You can type anything you want in the computer using Phone as Keyboard & you can move the cursor on a computer using Phone as Mouse.

Controlling your Computer using your Smartphone is very helpful. Suppose you are watching a movie on your computer and want to control it, then every time you need to come on your computer and control it. Instead, you can use your Phone as Remote Control and control your computer.


Earlier it was not possible to Control your Computer using your Smartphone, but now in growing technology, it’s very easy to Control your Computer using your Smartphone. There are many Apps Available on Play Store through which you can Control your Computer.


In this article, I’m going to use App Named “Unified Remote.” It’s an awesome App through which you can control your Computer without mouse or Keyboard just by using your phone. All your Remote Control will be at one place. This is an awesome App to that can turn your Phone to Keyboard & Mouse.


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So, let’s begin and check How To Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard & Mouse To Control Your Computer.


How To Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard & Mouse To Control Your Computer?


    • Download Unified Remote App From Here : Download
    • Once you download, Open the App.
    • Now Sign in using Google Or Skip the Step.
    • Now Go to Unified Remote Site From Here : Visit Here
    • Now Click on Download & Download the Latest Version of Unified Remote for PC.
    • After Download, Install it.
    • Now in your Phone Click on “I’VE INSTALLED THE SERVER“.
    • Now it will show all the Computer near you connected to same Wifi.
    • Just Click & Connect to your Computer.
    • You will be redirected to App Dashboard where you have Multiple Options.

    • Now Click on Basic Input.
    • Now your Phone has Become Mouse & You can Control your Phone using your Mobile Phone.
    • You can also use Mobile’s Keyboard to type on your computer.
    • Apart from Mouse & Keyboard, there are many more options which you can use.
    • Now You can Easily Control your Computer using your Mobile Phone.


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Hope you enjoyed this Article on How To Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard & Mouse To Control Your Computer. I’ve already written an article on How To Create Whatsapp Account With US Number you can check that out. Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.


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